Long Time

Hye guys... Lame x update group kite ni kan.. Rindula kelas kite.. Seriously rase nak jadi form 1 bali. Miss Puan Zalinah dan environment kelas 1RK1!!!! Anyway, i hope u all will be successful in life and belajar rajin2... :)

Like Crazy ?!

   Assalamualaikum and Hello? I don't know where's everybody have been. Like seriously. I miss 1RK1 2011. Tell me the same thing. Please. I MISS it to MUCH!

I MISS 1 RK 1 2011

   This Wednesday we all have our exam isn't it? :) I wish all of you GOOD LUCK. Always PRAY 4 you guys. I hope we all can do the very BEST in the exam. And get the excellent results. 

   I can't say many things here because I didn't know what I wanna say :) HAHA. Funny ehh? --'. Okay lah, Assalamualaikum. See ya. Byeeeeee.

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